‘Fractured Landscapes: detection, location and history in Uchida Tomu’s Kiga kaikyo / A Fugitive from the Past’, PHILLIPS, Alastair, Screen Summer 2011 pp215–232.

‘Revisiting Kurosawa Akira’s The Idiot : A comparison with Sergei Eisenstein’, by list-member Yuna De ALLOY Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema 2:1, 2010 (There’s also article on Dersu Uzala and Okuribito in that issue.)

‘Movie advertisements and the formation of a new visual environment in interwar Japan’, FUJIKI, Hideaki, 2011 in Japan Forum 23:1. One can consider, inter alia, whether contemporary or more recent theories articulated around the new ‘figural aesthetics’ stood up to any empirical tests, and how some critics saw the ‘ubiquitous, distractive and ephemeral’ culture as superficial. Or you could just superficially admire the illustrations which are admirably reproduced.

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