BOOKS ON JAPANESE FILM: Classical Japanese Cinema Revisited, RUSSELL, Catherine, 2011

Politics, Porn and Protest: Japanese Avant-Garde Cinema in the 1960s and 1970s, STANDISH, Isolde, 2011, I bumped into a list-member who had the Sight and Sound review copy of this book, so I shall wait for that review.

Also, some books with some specific content on Japanese film :-

Japanese Counterculture: The Antiestablishment Art of Shuji Terayama, RIDGELY, Steven C., 2010. Has, for instance, a 35 page chapter on Den’en ni shisu, 1974.

Rape in ArtCinema, RUSSELL, Dominique, 2010, This is priced at £60 Has a chapter ‘Fault Lines of Vision: Rashomon and The Man Who Left His Will on Film, Eugenie BRINKEMA. The essay does engage with previous critiques of these films. I can’t remember how the editor justified the title but for Japanese films, at least, it’s hardly just ‘art films’ that are defined by rape. But that’s another story….

World Cinema and the Ethics of Realism, NAGIB, Lúcia, 2011, Has chapters on ‘The Realm of the Senses, the Ethical Imperative and the Politics of Pleasure’ and ‘Hara and Kobayashi’s ‘Private Documentaries’ ‘.

When Movies Mattered: Reviews from a Transformative Decade, KEHR, Dave, U.of Chicago P., reviewed in S&S Sep11 with mention of Ozu, Mizoguchi and Naruse. Amazon mktplc £11

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