Being Your Personal Library, Dedicated to Your Asia Studies

Contact CNKI, We Do the Rest

     Searching all the Chinese Information for free including

academic articles, dissertations, economic data, laws, patents, standards etc;

    n  Full-text delivery by Pay-Per-View;
    n  Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)—Collecting related resources for a specific topic of your Chinese Studies;
    n  Potential Supplier Identification (PSI)—Find the required

materials from potential suppliers of Chinese information


    n  China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) is the Key

project national informatization construction of China

    n  Started and first launched in June 1999 by Tsinghua University
    n  Built the most comprehensive system of China academic

knowledge resources

    n  Over 90% of China knowledge resources, the widest in title

and type coverage and deepest in year coverage in China

    n  Comprehensive coverage of journals, dissertations, newspapers, proceedings, yearbooks, reference works, encyclopaedia, patents, standards, S&T achievements and laws and regulations
    Social Sciences
    Series F: Literature, History, Philosophy, Arts, Archaeology
    Series G: Politics, Military, Laws, Party, Public Security
    Series H: Education, Demology, Sociology and Statistics
    Series I: Electronics, Information Sciences ,Publishing
    Series J: Economics , Management, Tourism, Trade
    Sciences & Technology
    Series A: Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Biolog
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