XI. Kinema Club Conference in Vienna, 25-27 November 2011


“Japanese cinema spaces and film environments”

 University of Vienna, Institute of East Asian Studies, 25.–27.11.2011


 Friday, 25.11.2011

 10:30–12:00      Kick-off: visit to the Third Man Museum

14:30–15:00      Registration

15:00–16:00      Invited speaker

TOMIOKA Kunihiko (Studyo Planet 1/Ôsaka)

Studyo Planet 1 – achievements, tasks and challenges

16:00–17:00      Invited speaker

KIMATA Kimihiko (Tôkyô)

The movie theatres of Nagoya – a personal recollection

17:15–18:15      Film screening

Momoiro jingi – Anego no shiroi hada (Araki Tarô, 2006)

In commemoration of the Shizuoka Odeon-za

19:00                  Diner Reception at Heuriger Steinschaden

Saturday, 26.11.2011

 10:00–12:00      Excursion to the world’s oldest operating cinema, Breitenseer
Lichtspiele (founded in 1905)

Film screening

The Tingler (dir. William Castle, 1959)

14:00–15:00      Keynote speech

KOMATSU Hiroshi (Waseda University)

Film and its mode of presentation before 1923 in Japan – Film theater’s aesthetico-cultural characteristics

                             Panel 1    

15:00–15:45      TANIGUCHI Norie (Waseda University)

Groups of Moviegoers in early Japanese movie theatres

15:45–16:30      HATORI Takafusa (Waseda University)

Watching Kutsukake Tokijirô on its Release: A Case Study on the Ballad Cinema

16:30–17:00      Coffee break

                            Panel 2

17:00–17:45      Michael RAINE (Berkeley University)

“No Interpreter, Full Volume”: the cinema soundscape in the late benshi period

17:45–18:30      Johann NORDSTROM (Waseda University)

The Screening Practices of Early Japanese Sound Cinema

Sunday, 27.11.2011

                            Panel 3

10:00–10:45      Harald SALOMON (Humboldt University Berlin)

The Young Nation at the Movies – Cinema for Children in Early Shôwa Japan

10:45–11:30      YUKAWA Shirô (University of Bonn)

Film Environments in Mandschukuo (1932–1945)

11:30–12:15      Roland DOMENIG (University of Vienna)

Film/Strip – Film screenings at strip venues in Tôkyô in the early 1950s

12:15–13:45      Lunch break

                             Panel 4

13:45–14:30      Julian ROSS (Leeds University)

                            The Body or The Machine: Spaces for Intermedia and Expanded Cinema in 1960s Japan

14:30–15:15      MATSUI Shigeru (Tokyo University of the Arts)

                            Ginza’s Television Environment

15:15–16:00      HIRASAWA Gô (Meiji GakuinUniversity)

The Sôgetsu Art Center as experimental screening space

16:00–16:30      Coffee break

                            Panel 5

16:30–17:15      TSUNODA Takuya (Yale University)

Toward Experiential Awareness of A Human: Hani Susumu on Subjectivity and Cinematic Experience

17:15–18:00      TSUNEISHI Fumiko (Austrian Filmarchive)

Preserve and Show – The National Film Center as Exhibitor

18:00–18:45      ABÉ Mark NORNES (University of Michigan)

Yamagata—Asia—Europe: International Film Festival Short-Circuit

18:45–                Discussion and get-together

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