Special Sneak Preview Screening: ADMIRAL YAMAMOTO: The Untold Story of the Pacific War

Special Sneak Preview Screening: ADMIRAL YAMAMOTO: The Untold Story of
the Pacific War
Featuring a Q&A session with star Koji Yakusho, director Izuru
Narushima and producer Shohei Kotaki

13:00  Q&A session
2:15  screening

ADMIRAL YAMAMOTO: The Untold Story of the Pacific War
(Rengo Kantai Shirei Chokan: Yamamoto Isoroku)
Japan 2011  140 minutes

Directed by:    Izuru Narushima
Written by:     Hiro Hasegawa and Kenzaburo Iida
Produced by:    Shohei Kotaki
Starring:       Koji Yakusho, Hiroshi Tamaki, Teruyuki Kagawa, Akira Emoto,
Toshiro Yanagiba, Hiroshi Abe, Eisaku Yoshida, Kippei Shiina,
Mitsugoro Bando, Mieko Harada
Film courtesy of Toei

In Japanese with English subtitles

Please join the Movie Committee for this very special sneak preview
screening and luncheon, featuring a Q&A with acclaimed actor Koji
Yakusho, who is making his first-ever appearance at FCCJ.

A big-budget year-end spectacular from venerable Toei Studios,
featuring an all-star lineup of Japan’s finest actors, “Admiral
Yamamoto” promises to reveal “the truth” about the Pacific war, after
70 years of obfuscation. A far cry from the patriotic propaganda films
that Japanese studios churned out in the late 1960s — including the
original “Admiral Yamamoto,” in which Toshiro Mifune played the
eponymous character — this thrilling revisionist update features Koji
Yakusho as Isoruku Yamamoto, widely remembered today as the architect
of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Yet Yamamoto had deep misgivings
about his country’s direction, and desperately tried to avert war
before eventually firing the first salvo. Yamamoto’s decisiveness, his
resolve in fighting to protect the lives of his men, and his
shouldering of responsibility made him a rare leader in Japan’s
history, and Yakusho’s depiction is sure to revive interest in this
inspirational figure with today’s younger audiences.

“Admiral Yamamoto” opens in theaters across Japan on December 23.

You may attend the Q&A and and/or screening without attending the
luncheon, but you will not have seating priority. All movie screenings
are private, noncommercial events restricted to FCCJ members and their

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