The Art Theatre Guild: Call for Papers

The Art Theatre Guild, founded in 1961 and active into the 1980s, united some
of Japan’s most innovative directors: Oshima Nagisa (b.1932), Teshigahara Hiroshi (1927-
2001), Terayama Shuji (1935-83) and Matsumoto Toshio (b.1932), and together their activities
heralded the emergence of the auteur in Japan. While maintaining independence
and distance from the studio system, the Guild enjoyed both international distribution
and acclaim: Oshima and Teshigahara were award winners at the Cannes film festival,
while Teshigahara was also nominated for an Academy Award. Yet despite their domestic
and international significance, no monograph on this provocative and influential
group has been produced.

The Enzo Press is now seeking contributions for a new volume of research essays
on the ATG and its activities. Papers on the films and careers of any artists
associted with the ATG are welcomed, though papers that forge links between the
oeuvres of two or more of these film makers, or that place production within the group
context of the ATG, are preferred.

Please send papers of between 5,000 to 10,000 words, together with an abstract,
bibliography, and illustrations list, to, with ATG as the
subject, by the deadline of June 15th.
For enquires and further information please email

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