YIDFF 3.11 Film Archive

Iniciativa del Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival


Abé Mark Nornes, impulsor de la idea, comenta lo siguiente:

Ever since 2011, the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival has taken a strong interest in the triple disaster of 311. Aside from being in Tohoku and the recipient of radioactive fallout (despite a large volcano between Fukushima and Yamagata), the prefecture also has more 311 refugees than another other. The festival staff has also been active in screening movements for refugees and for traveling screenings in the disaster zones. So in 2011 and 2013, they staged major selections of films about the disaster. There are catalogs for these programs which are available for purchase from their website.

A few years ago, I suggested that they should start an archive of independent films about 311. The TV networks will always keep their films for all the usual reasons. But the vast majority of these independent films will disappear after a few years. It’s likely that even the more famous films will become increasingly difficult to find after a few decades, let alone few centuries.
Well, they made this a reality and held a symposium last weekend to officially open it up. Although they have counted over 200 independent documentaries on the earthquake, tsunami, and/or Fukushima, they have 56 films so far. The number will constantly grow, but it will depend on the cooperation and consent of the filmmakers (why so many have chosen not to deposit their films is beyond me).
I used the archive the day after the symposium, and the conditions are excellent. Free access, and decent booths to watch the films in. Although some of the most famous films are not in there, there are many very unusual films and in a variety of styles and from various political positions. If you know anyone interested in 311 films, this is should be their first stop.
The website is even bilingual (and many of the films have subtitles). There are provisions in their contracts to distribute some of the films for public screening, should permission be secured from the copyright holder.
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