– Centeno, Marcos: “Nihon de mitsukerareta Supein 日本で見つけられたスペイン” in International Exchange Salon at SACE at Suginami Association for Cultural Exchange, SACE 杉並区交流協会 (November 22, 2010).

– Centeno, Marcos: “New Youth Icons in Japanese Cinema after the Occupation” in British Association for Japanese Studies (BAJS) Conference at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London (10th of September, 2010). PROGRAM

– Centeno, Marcos: “Use of the Archive pictures and political context in the Japanese New Wave” in Cinema and Art Contemporary Art. Summer School Sobronne Nouvelle – Paris III (28th of June-09th of July, 2010).PROGRAMME

– Centeno, Marcos: ”Views of Modern and Postmodern Tokyo”, in congress FILM FORUM VIII MAGIS – International Film Studies Spring School. Udine University, Gorizia, Italy (14th -19th of March, 2010).PROGRAM


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