-Montaño, Jose: “El cine japonés contemporáneo” en Semana de Cultura Japonesa, Valencia (19 de noviembre, 2011).

-Centeno, Marcos: “Postwar historical discourse and narrative strategies in the Japanese New Wave” in Meiji Gakuin Japanese Film Workshop, Shirokane Campus, Tokyo, room 7418 on the 4th floor of Hepburn hall (Wednesday August 10, 2011).

-Centeno, Marcos: “Archive pictures in the memory of the Japanese defeat” in Cultural Typhoon 2011 Congress at Kobe Center for Overseas Migration and Cultural Interaction (23rd, 24th of June, 2011). Program

-Montaño, José:  “Cartografía emocional: el cine de Kawase Naomi y la ciudad de Nara”in Itinerarios, Viajes y Contactos Japón-Europa. Congreso Internacional at Valladolid (5th-7th of May, 2011)

-Centeno, Marcos: “Discovering minorities after post-war: First representations of Korean residents, zanichi, in Japanese cinema” in The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies (ACCS) 2011 at The Ramada Osaka Hotel (25th of March, 2011). Program


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